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    Survival Questions

    Only the crafting book shows crafting recipes, and no map.
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    Better Loot?

    The boss eggs are meant to be a gamble, I don't think the rewards or prices will be changed soon.
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    You were mute evading so you were banned. If you wish to appeal please do here: I did not do nothing about people taking stuff from you. I told you REPEATEDLY that nothing could be done as your base was unclaimed.
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    This is seriously a major problem...

    I just defended you, and you’re bad mouthing me? Thx
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    Renamed Custom Enchantments

    Any custom item (sell wand, angel/fixing dust ect) doesn’t work after being renamed. I’m not sure if anything can be done about this, sorry :/
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    This is seriously a major problem...

    Nothing wrong with helping out! Don’t be rude, I am a mod so Hi
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    3 big bugs in survival 1.12

    This is caused from 1.13. I play in 1.12 as 1.12.2 has been buggy for me.
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    Count to 25 before Purple4me (ChocBar) POST to annoy the crap out of me!

    23. Probably, personally like aqua blue rip
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    help please

    :D No worries!!
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    help please

    Server ip is More IP's you can try if that doesn't work:
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    help please

    Ohh ok, one sec let me get some for you to try,
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    help please

    The events server isn’t open for players yet. Only staff can join. It’ll be joinable once an event is actually ongoing.
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    Trust me, we’ve already written all these down for players to see.
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    help please

    To the events server?
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    no u

    no u
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    I’m sorry to inform you but Ecry & yourself were actually banned.