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  1. noctqrns

    Who can get to 10 first? Staff or players?

    hmmm, 3
  2. noctqrns

    Reviewing Addison Apartments - Hard

    The build is really accurate and well done, as well as detailed. The parkour has a really nice variety in jumps, and I really like the way the parkour is formed into the build, so it doesn't look messy and doesn't have too many floating jumps. Good luck! :)
  3. noctqrns

    Rejected Creek [Insane]

    I really like the theme, and the build is very well done and detailed. Looking at the parkour, there is a nice variety in jumps, and they fit the difficulty well. However, when trying the parkour, there isn't a very clear path in where you actually need to go, it isn't a huge issue, but I would...
  4. noctqrns


    Really nice giveaway Faud, thanks for hosting! :) IGN: noctqrns
  5. noctqrns

    Grand Father Clock // Insane

    Amazing build, as well as a nice variety in the jumps, overall a great map. Good luck! :)
  6. noctqrns

    Rejected Blossom [Medium]

    I really like the build, and a really nice variety in jumps. Could possibly be a little bit too long for a medium, but overall I really like it! Good luck! :)
  7. noctqrns

    Start with the end. Geography edition

  8. noctqrns

    I got dirt

    When you finish champion maps, you automatically get a block of dirt.
  9. noctqrns

    Count to 50 before a staff posts!

    oops, 0
  10. noctqrns

    Rejected Rock Horse - Medium

    Username: Faudon & noctqrns Map name: Rock horse Difficulty: Medium Jumps: 46 Checkpoints: 3 Location: /plot v Faudon 8 Can't get screenshots to upload sorry
  11. noctqrns

    Good farming map?

    A good insane for farming is also park, I would probably recommend using speed 5 if you have access & maybe Pegasus boots, the only really difficult part is a triple neo at the end, but it isn’t too difficult with speed 5 & pegs, overall I find it to be pretty short and not too difficult for an...
  12. noctqrns

    Closed Gingerbread house

    +0 I really like this map, the build is really nice and has good parkour, however there is a very similar map already (GingerbreadHouse on expert) This map still looks really nice though, so good luck! :)