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  1. Selfoccate

    Who can get to 10 first? Staff or players?

    Well since you're staff now I'm gonna say 2
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    Post your last Ctrl + V

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    Finished Rainbow Road

    Rainbow Road - Ice Sledding 2PM EDT // 7PM BST Not your timezone? Click here! Make sure to join us for the "Rainbow Road" event, where you will race against each other on a colourful and icy course in boats. You may think it's easy, but it really isn't. The course IS difficult and there are no...
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    Islands - Help Guide

    Nice to hear it's helped guys :) I'll add the Blaze and Snow Golem shortly so thanks for reminding me Cal Thanks!!!
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    Islands - Help Guide

    Islands - The *complete* help guide* What does this include? - Short introduction to islands - Difference between Skyblock and Islands - Helpful commands - Islands / Skyblock staff - Elder guardian information - "Aim of the Game" - What is silver? - Spawners - A Quick Guide - Money making - A...
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    You can appeal here, once you've changed the skin. Hitler...

    You can appeal here, once you've changed the skin. Hitler Skins or any skin which can offend someone are not tolerated on Manacube, and are not funny.
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    Heeeee's and Ranged's giveway, OVER DO NOT ENTER

    Sad to see you go, gl everyone! And gl @Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee in the future! <3
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    Hey! You can make a support ticket here, but it's highly unlikely if you have no proof. Sorry
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    So i think im quitting lol

    Sad to see you go Wilbo! Please remember that not everything can be kept to a schedule, it's incredibly difficult especially with owning a server. Dakota does listen to the community, trust me.
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    Hi! Did you put it somewhere by accident? Do you have proof you won it? Maybe from your logs?
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    Life changing!

    Great to hear your having a good time! So sorry to hear about your dark time in life, we all go through there <3 Have a great day! ~Self
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    Hi! Legendary keys are on the list
  13. Selfoccate

    Season 2 P2W

    Hey, Please remember that as Dacon said grinders will be the most effective form next season, meaning no one can really kill more or kill less mobs, you can still use AFK farms but they won't be as useful as Grinders, so yes they can have more spawners, but if they want to upgrade anything...
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    Season 2 P2W

    Yes, but you will can only grind to actually gain things like heads, you can't have anything automatic to gain heads, because heads only drop when killed with a weapon, as for money, there's not much we can do about that. And of course things like MobAura and Autoclicker are not allowed, so you...
  15. Selfoccate

    Season 2 P2W

    Pretty sure you can only have up to 4 plots. You can also merge with other people to make more plots.
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    Love the server!

    Uhum, Islands is superior, but Olympus is also pretty good! Can't wait to get stuck into this new season. Glad to hear you're enjoying Mana! Have a great day / night! ~Self
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    Season 2 P2W

    Hi! As Hallow said, I don't see anywhere where it says other ranks can buy more spawners? Having multiple spawners kinda defeated the object of 'Prisons', people have been able to gain 10s some even 100s of rebirths mainly just through afking near spawners, the object of prisons is to mine to...
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    Ooh, sounds great! Can't wait to get back into Olympus again!!