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    NICE! This is a very generous drop party. Thanks Zogg!
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    emily's chat fails

  3. Anxii_

    emily's chat fails

    Just wanted to put this here. I dont know how I got egg and head confused.
  4. Anxii_

    Help with error

    Try joining with the version 1.13.2.
  5. Anxii_

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    I'm so glad you're doing better <33 I know I'm not much of an oly player and don't really belong here lol but I'm just really happy to see YOU happy. <3
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    Got banned by the hacker

    Hi, What is the hackers name? And can you post a screenshot of your ban message?
  7. Anxii_

    Community Project Season2 (/warp home)

    YAY! It's finally here!! I've been looking forward to this for weeks! Can't wait to get started :D Thank you so much to everyone that helped out last season, so season 5 community project could happen. This is going to be fantastic <3
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    Help With Plot Commands

  9. Anxii_

    Help With Plot Commands

    Thanks for this! Might play on Oly ;)
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    has anyone been paying attention to whats happening in this server?

    Brimie, I can assure you, there have been at least 7 staff members online trying to fix skyblock. We are more observant than you think, most of the time we know more about what's going on than what is lead on. As I said in your other post, timezones clash so some admins are asleep, or not home...
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    you guys do realize

    Hi Brimie, I'm afraid all staff were banned from skyblock... We have alerted admins about this serious issue, but sadly timezones clashed and some admins are asleep, not home, etc. All current, online staff are doing as much as we can to help out. Yes, we are aware skyblock is a "mess". Anxi
  12. Anxii_

    I voted and got nothing.

    Hi Ghost - Did you receive just cubits, just vote keys or neither? Were you online? How long ago did you vote before you did now? and lastly, was your inventory full?
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    What do you guy's think about these unadded/glitched things..

    Hi! I have noticed this, and reported the issue yesterday.
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    How do i grind for 120 xp levels to get those expensive enchant books in /ce

    Inquisitive I think you mean Man I am a nerd
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    How do i grind for 120 xp levels to get those expensive enchant books in /ce

    Hi Niller. Personally, I have been able to get roughly 320 levels from killing bosses and getting xp levels. (Herobrine, Zulrah) This is of course a big gamble as you might not get xp for a few tries. Another good one is just grinding. As you said, you currently grind blazes, which I've found to...
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    Kitpvp Broken

    Oh the sidebar. This is just a visual glitch. Nothing to worry about.
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    Kitpvp Broken

    What do you mean by “kitpvp broken”?
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    I made someone think I was the owner

    I remember the time someone thought I was a mod. But then, I actually was.
  19. Anxii_

    Why wqrk would be a great member of staff #2

    I don't think it's my place to say, it's certainly nothing terrible, but I think Wqrk would want to tell you himself.
  20. Anxii_

    Why wqrk would be a great member of staff #2

    Hey! As much as I really appreciate the support and the kindness for Wqrk, I have to agree with Zogg. Their past behaviour wasn't fantastic, and they just need more experience with Manacube. Minecraft knowledge is awesome, but you're not applying for a job at Mojang, you're applying for a staff...