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  1. HyDr0KT

    My rank isn't showing.

    Hello, If you purchased vip+ recently, it may not be showing up on Oasis due to it being a recently released server. You may have to claim your rank from the server store which can be done through this link Feel free to find and PM me in game if you...
  2. HyDr0KT

    June 2019

    Hello. Where’s all the love for factions?! Congrats to promoted staff and SOTM. Super hyped for what’s to come!
  3. HyDr0KT

    Ancient Trials Issues?

    Hello. Like stated above, that "Unknown" message will occur if Zulrah died to a cause other than you (the player). If you screenshot the message saying "Unknown has completed the Trials" and submit it in a support ticket at, they will be able to reward you the win and...
  4. HyDr0KT

    PV 1 and getting a rank.

    Hello. Unfortunately there is no fix for this. The vault from /shop in game is meant to be purchased for players who do not have a rank so they can get a nice free to play feature. However, feel free to create a support ticket here: and explain the situation and they may be...
  5. HyDr0KT

    Survival Games?

    Hello. I think this would be a great idea and I would also love to see this added! I have been suggesting there be a Survival Games event on the network. This is most likely something that is possible for the future.
  6. HyDr0KT

    Too many changes to Olympus

    Hello. This is still being looked into. I doubt this is intentional but for now please be patient. I understand you’ve had some issues regarding your personal situation but like I said, there isn’t much us staff can really do about it. It may be unfortunate but dropping a comment like this is...
  7. HyDr0KT

    Is this fair?

    Hello. It is kind of ironic that you got the ban hammer for leaving a physical hammer on your computer. All jokes aside, anything such as leaving an item on your keyboard/mouse, taping them down, etc can be considered a bannable offense. This is because there is no way for us to tell if you are...
  8. HyDr0KT

    How to get easy wins in ancient trials [PART 3]

    Hello. Appreciate that you took your time out and made a detailed written guide! Good luck and have fun to anyone who is just starting to do their trial for the first time!
  9. HyDr0KT

    KitPvP Reset

    Hello. This is definitely something a huge portion of the KitPvP community has wanted for a while now. Hopefully there will be some type of announcement in the future but all we can do now is be patient! Everyone wants this just as much as you do!
  10. HyDr0KT

    Is MiniMap bannable in KitPVP?

    Hello. Minimap is allowed on KitPvP as long as it does not show players moving on the minimap.
  11. HyDr0KT

    Percent of items in crates

    Hello. This is definitely a great idea and would be useful to many. This will definitely be looked into and hopefully added in a future KitPvP.
  12. HyDr0KT

    Dream HeadQuarters

    Hello. Ya love to see it.
  13. HyDr0KT

    More staff on KitPvP

    Hello. I actually saw you on last night and if you're coming on frequently during around that time (Midnight PST), that's unfortunately when the least staff are on. Most of us are active throughout the day but I do admit that were lacking more people with a "Non-American" timezone. We will do...
  14. HyDr0KT

    Rank Permissions for Olympus Bugged?

    Hello. Sometimes after a reset, some permissions may be taken away as well as some new ones may be added. I haven't heard of any specific reason as to why these commands were removed from VIP+ rank but if I had to guess, it was most likely either forgotten or just removed since they weren't...
  15. HyDr0KT

    Youtuber rank... Perk..? Commands?? xD

    Hello. Just as we talked about on discord, the tier 1 YouTube rank inherits all the permissions of the server MVP+ rank as well as a nice [YouTuber] prefix on all gamemodes. I am not entirely sure what the other follow tiers reward but it would most likely be things such as, beta testing...
  16. HyDr0KT

    Slayer level broken

    Hello. I will definitely get this issue looked into. Thank for you reporting it. Also, next time, creating a report like this under the bugs section of the forums would be greatly appreciated!
  17. HyDr0KT

    Buff cactus please

    Hello. Cactus' were nerfed to prevent a variety of issues and further balance the server economy. Initially, cactus' could sell for a ton but were found to be to advantageous because of how fast and how easy you could create these farms. The goal of this second season of Olympus is to turn the...
  18. HyDr0KT

    Can mods like just clear out dream

    Hello. We are currently looking into a way to make this "PVP Mine" as fair, fun, and enjoyable for everyone as possible. Suggestions in discord or on forums are always welcome! Locking this thread to prevent any further arguments/trolling.
  19. HyDr0KT

    Quest Points - Skyblock

    Hello. I'm not entirely sure that would ever work but it definitely could be possible. However, that would just make things a lot more complicated. I like the idea of players having to farm quest points themselves in order to earn rewards. They're "quests" that you individually should be...
  20. HyDr0KT

    Quest Points - Skyblock

    Hello. Unfortunately this idea wouldn't work. This is because players would be able to go on alts, complete the same quests, and then pay their main the points. Then you would basically be able to farm an "unlimited" amount of quest points per day which would make the entire qp system...