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  1. Twixxxxxx

    Suggestion plot trust

    so i have been thinking, with plot you can add/ trust people but you are not sure you can trust them while you for example want them to help or something like that but dont want them to sniff around in your chests. Might it be a good idea if you had different levels of trust, like chest only or...
  2. Twixxxxxx

    What's your opinion on the new forum look?

    definetly like the look of this new forum, its easy acces and a nice theme
  3. Twixxxxxx

    KitPvP Community Poll

    its a bit inactive during day between 10 and 16 p.m (gmt +2). but its cool the rest of the time
  4. Twixxxxxx

    Suggestion for Blocks Broken.

    looks like a cool idea, would definetly help for alot of things. seen that alot of people will switch to plots seen thats its easier and better. if people go back to mining the server will be less overloaded, alot of spawners, cactus farms etc... will stop. would definetly consider working on...
  5. Twixxxxxx

    A quick explanation.

    welcome back i guess. :P have fun
  6. Twixxxxxx

    Counting to a million ;)

  7. Twixxxxxx

    Yum or Yuck?

  8. Twixxxxxx

    [Forum Game] Yes or No?

    yes, have you overclocked a pc and destroyed it in the process
  9. Twixxxxxx

    Post your last Ctrl + V dont know why but ok xD
  10. Twixxxxxx

    Count to 1000 Before a Admin posts

    89 useless but why not xD
  11. Twixxxxxx

    ManaLink: Link your account to the forums

    ehm its not really working for me, when i type in i get this: internal error occurred while attempting perform command. please help. also having the same problem as surge ^^^^. pls help.
  12. Twixxxxxx

    5 Things you may not know about kitpvp

    didnt knew any of em seen that i only play prison, time for me to play some kitpvp i guess, seems fun from time to time
  13. Twixxxxxx

    Never drop anything from you Personal vault

    so someone needed a pickaxe with silk touch and i helped him, went to my pv and dropped it from there. it glitched out, i lost my pickaxe and just dissapeared. its nowhere to be found, not in my pv's not in the nearby chests my friend didnt have it, its just totally gone, if anyone can help with...
  14. Twixxxxxx

    Suggestion - Mining Level Sell Multiplier

    its a good idea but i think there should be a limit to it, like with the: like for example a max of +.25 for this one. but i do support this idea. +0.01 every level (2.05x multiplier, ~820k per inventory)
  15. Twixxxxxx

    Rebirth Ideas

    sorry but some of your requirements are a bit.. ehm too easy. example: rainbow: sacrifice all dyes i think its just too easy, nemesis's challange: harvest poisonous potatos, its not an easy one but its not really related to it, maybe should be a new feature in pvp to get revenge to the last...
  16. Twixxxxxx

    [GUIDE] Everything you need to know about The Olympus Server

    this really is a usefull guide about olympus, definetly use this ingame for people who dont know the purpose of olympus or just need a guide in the start.
  17. Twixxxxxx


    there are rumors that there will be a server reset, not saying that its true, like i said rumors. if this indeed is a problem than that will be a major fix for that, hope this was enough to keep you on the server for now.
  18. Twixxxxxx


    its definetly an amazing server, im slightly addicted to it myself i really like it and there is enough to do, a great community everyone very nice. definetly a good server
  19. Twixxxxxx

    VIP mine - Suggestion

    i really think its not such a good idea seen that people dont get there money from vip mine anymore, the " higher ranks" they get there money from plots and vip mine is not the only mine in this game, you have plots and about 20 mines so i think its unnecessary for a larger mine or the timer to...
  20. Twixxxxxx

    Too Much Lag On Olympus Prison

    i do really think its a more of a connection issue than a RAM issue, and there a difference between Graphical and network issues, seen that alot of people connecting from Europa and its a bad connection, myself i connect from EU, thats really an issue that can not be solved so easy. Im not...