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  1. Funtasy

    Percentages in Crates

    Helloo! I'm unsure how many people(if they) have posted about this. But I suggest putting in percentages for winnable items in the crates. I know that the lucky chest has common, rare, uncommon rates as well as the boss crates. However the ancient, perk, legendary, and vote chests do not have...
  2. Funtasy


    Hello! I had a suggestion for scrambler on the Islands server. I don't know if the other servers have scrambler because I haven't been on any for a decent enough time. I would suggest that you could see how many times you won scrambler by using a command. I know that /scrambler shows the top 10...
  3. Funtasy

    Hey Yall

    Hey guys, my names Funtasy in game. And I started playing this server about a month ago or so. I almost on Islands everyday so stop by and say hi! Sometimes I slip by survival once in awhile. Currently a senior in High School, with a little too much time on my hands. If anyone wants to discord...