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  1. uneasyanxi

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine or The Office?

    Hello friends of Manacube >:] This time, I post about the most important debate of today. Brooklyn Nine-Nine or The Office? @Sonic_Raptor thinks The Office is better than Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and I think Brooklyn Nine-Nine is better than The Office. Who is correct? >:] Here are some videos from...
  2. uneasyanxi

    Survival Build Competition Winners

    Hello! I'm sorry for the late results but I had to give the judges time to vote, as they're in different timezones & weren't available at certain times. But here are the winners!! (New thread because why not amirite?) FIRST PLACE - ZOQZEY SECOND PLACE - IRICEI THIRD PLACE - JADE & ZODI FOURTH...
  3. uneasyanxi

    Survival Build Competition

    Good Morning/Afternoon Everyone! I hope you are all having a great day. As a thank you to everyone on Manacube for another fantastic year, I will be hosting an UNOFFICIAL EVENT on Survival. @Maaawc Has created an awesome Poster!! Please be sure to compliment him on the amazing work he's done...
  4. uneasyanxi

    Kit Previews

    I've noticed there are some people who have been asking for a kit preview, which is hard to do if my kits are on cooldown, so here are the ranks' kits for Survival. MVP+ KIT - -Small Money Pouch -x2 25% Success Magic Dust -Rare Enchantment Book -Randomization Scroll (Re-rolls success and...
  5. uneasyanxi

    Survival is very good ;)

    Survival is weird. It is strange. The community is very unique. But, I love it. What even is this? You might ask how it started. It started with a wedding. Hmm. It ended with a divorce and a rollercoaster. BIG HMM. The point is. Survival > Olympus
  6. uneasyanxi

    Start with the end PLAYER edition!

    Same as Start with the end but we're using player names. Countries? No. Animals? nuu. Players? yep :P I'll start obviously. PennyHoward
  7. uneasyanxi

    Survival Giveaway

    Hi guys! Decided to go a giveaway because why not lol. I will post a video of all the cool stuff to be won! (Shulker box, lots of spawners, ce's, grand scramblers, money) All you need to do is comment below your rank, your minecraft username, and a number between 1-20. If a number has already...
  8. uneasyanxi

    Galaxy's Introduction

    Hiya! My name is Galaxy and I've been playing on ManaCube for a few months now, and I decided I should probably make sure you guys know me more as a player, and hopefully soon a Staff Member! So, My name Is Galaxy, I live in Australia and I play on the server daily. I am rank MVP+ and I have...