1. fmazzarelli

    Quest Completion Issue

    Yesterday, after completing two quests, I should have earned 3 quest points which I did not get any, but I received the other rewards though (reward chests, vote key, rare enchantment book). I would really appreciate to have my quest points back, I took a long time to complete them. All of this...
  2. Dacon

    Parkour Update

    Community Droppers :mc_154-0: Community Droppers is a new dropper category released that will contain all accepted dropper submissions by the community. Difficulty ranges from easy to expert depending on the course. You can submit a dropper map here...
  3. Shockwave06

    Fix duels please!

    On pvp, the lobby sign says "do /duel Playername to 1v1 someone specifically" or something like that. When you do /duel, it does nothing. It comes back as a invalid syntax. I would look forward to this feature being fixed so I can 1v1 people instead of being 1v4ed. Thank you shockwave06
  4. F

    Trapped with no way out!

    * Problem accidentally worked around ... apparently, an iron pick can break obsidian, at least on this server (or is it in MC 13.0?); it just takes a very long time. I found that if i pressed against the hole, I could say "/home". I have no explanation for why this worked. * I think I must...
  5. HonigBiene

    Bug or...?

    Hey guys, I'm HonigBiene and i dont know what i've found there but, on Islands, if your Kingdom's are ready, it actually shows me like kinda a timer, which started 2 days ago. If my Kingdoms are ready and i hover with my mouse over them, it shows me like a timer, which is actually at 22 Days, 20...
  6. DorkieGamer101

    So Many Bugs!

    Hello, I play Skywars a lot, and recently I (and many friends of mine) have been discovering some bugs in the server. Most of the time, when you're in a game, you glitch out, which takes you back to Hub. Also, something that I have experienced is that when I fall, I glitch back up and down and...
  7. H

    I didn't get my "Good" rank, i am still on the "Noob" rank.

    Well, this annoys me because i spent quite a while saving up all the gems needed to rankup to the "Good" rank and i didn't get it, i still have the "Noob" rank so yeah, please give me the "Good" rank, there will be a youtube link for the proof, as well, I died try relogging and i also restarted...