1. N

    No [VIP] Rank on many servers

    The problem I have is my [VIP] Rank... I don't have VIP at a lot of servers! Could someone help me with that, please :/ My ingame-name is "Nyr0".
  2. Dacon

    ManaLink: Link your account to the forums

    You can now link your donator rank to your forums account! Type /link on any server to view these instructions: Once you've logged in with your forums account and entered your username you will be given a code to enter in-game. Enter this in-game and whatever ranks you have will be...
  3. Lewie

    Vip Giveaway!

    Hey Manacube Players, So I have felt really generous the last few days and I have decided to create a giveaway for Vip. I am only doing it for people that do not have a donator rank (Sorry). All I need to know is... Your Minecraft Username: Your Favourite Drink Pick a Number Between 1 - 12...
  4. Niksu11


    Thank you minevast network for being the best minecraft server ive ever been on, so i decided to donate to aquire rank VIP thanks for everything!!