1. Dacon


    Black Friday is our biggest sale of the year! Everything on the store is 80% OFF until November 25th. Don't miss out: 2 new bundles are available @ - Black Friday Bundle - Thanksgiving Bundle Support Tickets Our website now has a new...
  2. Ellie


    If you want to find me I am normally on survival. I am willing to build you anything Taking time out of my day to build is something I like to do. Just comment Next time you'll be on and ill try to get on at that time so I can build// help you build something
  3. Mega

    Can i get BT tag here?

    I don't know where to post this. But i think this is the best place. Well, this is mentioned to @Dacon or someone else who can give me BT rank in forums. I saw drakey had it but i didn't get it while link my account!
  4. Dacon

    ManaLink: Link your account to the forums

    You can now link your donator rank to your forums account! Type /link on any server to view these instructions: Once you've logged in with your forums account and entered your username you will be given a code to enter in-game. Enter this in-game and whatever ranks you have will be...
  5. Dacon

    Important New Donator Perks + Updates

    Emotes: (KitPvP, Skyblock, Survival, Creative, Skywars) 10 emotes have been released. You can activate one through the /emotes menu you by typing "/emote <emote>" Premium: Smile, Frown, Grin VIP: Cool, Wink, Cheeky Vast: Rage, Sleepy, Cry, Surprised...