1. fdopyy

    Why Wqrk would be a awesome staff member

    Wqrk is so awesome. He is very kind and positive, he also is very hardworking and will be a very valuable member of the manacube team. On survival Wqrk is well known for his kindness to others. I had a personal experience with Wqrk where my spawner was not working. He helped me out alot and...
  2. Jushua

    Idea's for Competitive Clans! Olympus Season 3!

    Whats up everybody reading this post! This is just a little, but probably huge, idea i thought about that could make Olympus a challenging for some people who have a competitive side to themselves. I know its probably pretty early for season 3 ideas but its never to late to think of things. OK...
  3. CobraDesigns

    Accepted YouTube Application! :)

    - Username - Cobra Designs :mc_57-0::mc_57-0::mc_57-0::mc_57-0: - YouTube Channel link - :mc_138-0::mc_138-0::mc_138-0::mc_138-0::mc_138-0::mc_138-0::mc_138-0: Link to video/stream of ManaCube - Hopeing to make...
  4. Mamb0

    Rejected SmilyPixel MAP - EASY

    USERNAME: FattieWithAnEye Map name: SmilyPixel Photos: You can see below :D WARP NAME: /Plot home FattieWithAnEye 1 Difficulty: EASY Number of jumps: I counted 37 without all the ladders(Counted with ladder jumps) CREATORS: FattieWithAnEye CHECKPOINTS: 4
  5. iAlphaStrqfePvP_

    Who am I ? (well see...)

    Hi everyone hope u enjoy ur leif taodd.. (kidding) Hi everyone, I am iAlphaStrqfePvP_, a Minecraft & (a little csgo and Rocket League). I am new to the server (essentially Kitpvp, I tried all exept Survival). I joined the server for the first time one week ago I think, and I discovered the...
  6. Merakiios

    Good farming map?

    What is your guys' favorite farming parkour map? Farming Lucky Block has gotten pretty slow. Not to mention boring.
  7. M

    I Think I Know What Causes Lag on Islands

    Hi everyone! I have come to a certain realization about the Islands server. As we know, a reset is coming soon and that Islands has been running for quite a bit. I've realized that we have had a small influx of new players joining the sever. Some to just go AFK, some to play on Islands, and...
  8. Duxki

    Skyblock Reset

    The server has been getting boring and we need to do soemthing.
  9. HonigBiene

    Manacube scammed all Island players..

    So, maybe some know I created a thread in the Islands Forum about all Island Vlues of every block in Island that is possible to get. Today I find out that Manaube scammed all Island players, because: Emerald blocks: Costs 135k per stack Diamond blocks: Costs 99k per stack 256 Is Level for...
  10. HonigBiene

    New gamemodes..

    Heyho, my name is HonigBiene and I was thinking about to tell you some new gamemodes which would be even take some new ppl from the minecraft server lists into Manacube. Here are some gamemodes which are definitly my favourites: Annihilation Bedwars Battle Royale/Survival Games Draw it Master...
  11. Nstalgic

    Rejected Submission: Yin yang - Hard

    So for Yin Yang I did a hard map with 53 jumps and 4 checkpoints. Also sorry I built it way far below my plot it is my first map and I was confused by the plot with no floor XD (im stupid) I hope you enjoy and hopefully where I built it is not a problem Name: Yin Yang Plot ID: -22;-33 or /plot...
  12. Dacon


    MANACADE - 16+ GUI based arcade games [BETA] ManaCade is a bunch of inventory/GUI based minigames that you will be able to play and compete in global highscores from anywhere on the server. For now, it will only be available in the Hubs during the beta. Type /arcade or /manacade to access...
  13. Dacon


    Back in 2015, we announced a gamemode we were working on called Olympus. Progress on that project came to a halt, and never picked back up again. We started working on the project again a couple months ago, and are now ready to announce it! What is Olympus? Olympus is based off the modern...
  14. ShiningAngel04

    Rejected Cake | Insane (by _Exploit)

    Builder: _Exploit Testers: _Exploit, AkaneMishima, Psykovsky, WolfAndRyan, Wizolo Plot: /plot home _Exploit | id: -39;-27 Difficulty: Insane Jumps/Checkpoints: 95 Jumps, 13 Checkpoints (very short, but it's hard enough) Screenshots: Overall look of the course The 'Around the Cake'...
  15. caseyofficial

    Prepare for War Manacube Staff Team.

    Well I've gotten some money and a vpn and i'm ready to take on manacube again. I hope you can figure out my deployed alts that have been on the server for quite some time now. Casey is coming back :>. I'll see you soon - caseyofficial *cough* Staff that figure out my alts should be promoted...
  16. M


    Realized it was high time I created a new forums account. I've been playing for a little while, (quite a bit longer if you count my old account) and I decided that I want to be a part of the ManaCube community! I look forward to being here :) (Discord: Morti#3868)
  17. X


    Update: From about 20 cow spawners, that stacks about 20,000 cows that's a lot of heccin cows i know don't believe me? take a look... -john (xucc)
  18. X

    Community Map

    Hey guys it's me John! Today I was going through the parkour forums and noticed that a lot of threads were about players trying to create their own maps, and help with it. giggles in chinese ATTENTION . This is a forum were you can post your ideas on new maps, and leave feedback on others...
  19. Q


  20. Minesheep1

    Why Skyblock is dying

    Skyblock is dying. There is a lot too it. A lot of things are broken (Gambling, mob stacking). Skyblock definitely can be revived. Adding more features to name a few, adding new ways to get money, Reducing afk times for members, Adding more stuff in shop, making Mana have more features. This can...