1. Maaawc

    Funny Survival Life

  2. Riley926

    Rejected Riley926 - Journey (Medium/Hard)

    Riley926 Journey this is my first plot so /plot v Riley926 i think the difficulty is medium/hard because there are a lot of jumps but some of them are easy jumps around 100 jumps Im Riley926, I'm a creative player I have a B on that server and when I got kinda bored I switched to...
  3. Pleasantmoon

    Hackercatcher title

    I think it would be awesome to get a "HackerCatcher" title or something simular if you help Catch a certain amount of cheaters (maybe 10-20). Everytime you help a staff member Catch a cheater they could add 1 cheater helped Catch to some kind of system, and when you Reach the amount you need...
  4. CaliforniaLuminous


    *DISCLAIMER. THIS IS JUST A THOUGHT. MAYBE DOESN'T INCLUDE MANACUBE STUFF... INTRODUCTION: Hello everyone, my name is Tony. I'm currently 21 and live in California. I started playing Minecraft since I was 13, so it's been awhile. I love going snowboard every winter and go skates at my favorite...
  5. CaliforniaLuminous

    Dark Portal

    Hello everyone. I want to show you guys how to make an amazing Dark Portal from World of Warcraft in minecraft. I spent a lot of time create an outline, designs and edits. If you guys enjoy the video, please make sure to subscribed and like for future content as I spent a lot of work into this...
  6. CaliforniaLuminous

    Hello, my name is what? my name is

    Tony. I'm currently 21. I started playing Minecraft since I was 13, so it's bean awhile. I love going snowboard every winter and go skates at my favorite skating places called Boomer in Fountain Valley. My major is computer science, basically writing codes so I'm very excited for the upcoming...
  7. CobraDesigns

    Accepted YouTube Application! :)

    - Username - Cobra Designs :mc_57-0::mc_57-0::mc_57-0::mc_57-0: - YouTube Channel link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcLqBHjZ25H3cSuiMH-ZxRQ?view_as=subscriber :mc_138-0::mc_138-0::mc_138-0::mc_138-0::mc_138-0::mc_138-0::mc_138-0: Link to video/stream of ManaCube - Hopeing to make...
  8. Mamb0

    Rejected SmilyPixel MAP - EASY

    USERNAME: FattieWithAnEye Map name: SmilyPixel Photos: You can see below :D WARP NAME: /Plot home FattieWithAnEye 1 Difficulty: EASY Number of jumps: I counted 37 without all the ladders(Counted with ladder jumps) CREATORS: FattieWithAnEye CHECKPOINTS: 4
  9. locoMoose

    Thoughts on Hytale?

    Hey everyone! It's been nearly 3 years since the first mention that Hypixel was working on a standalone game and approximately 2 weeks ago, they released the first trailer of the game. Just going off of what was released, I think the game has a lot of potential considering all the content that...
  10. Nicothenic

    Rejected McDonalds map (Medium) by Nicothenic

    *Username: Nicothenic Builder: Nicothenic *Map name: McDonalds *Photo of the old map, link <---- Press here if you want to see the old map. *The # of your Plot / or warp name to it: /plot home nicothenic 1 *Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Insane) : Medium *Number of jumps: 40+...
  11. M

    I Think I Know What Causes Lag on Islands

    Hi everyone! I have come to a certain realization about the Islands server. As we know, a reset is coming soon and that Islands has been running for quite a bit. I've realized that we have had a small influx of new players joining the sever. Some to just go AFK, some to play on Islands, and...
  12. F

    Mob Stacking [Petition]

    Alright, So i want to address the servers Mob stacking, the server is one of the best survival servers and i want to be able to have a working farm/grinder without mob stacking for the simple fact it makes using the spawners much harder also theirs is a ton of glitches with it i killed x3 sheep...
  13. K

    Rejected Chunky Minecraft: Hard

    Username: KayeKat The # of your Plot / or warp name to it: /plot v KayeKat:4 ID:-43;33 Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Insane): Hard Number of jumps (Optional): 90
  14. M

    Rejected Parkour Submission ( meduim)

    Theme: Bedwars! Creator of map: MrSnailGaming Plot: /plot visit MrSnailGaming 2 Difficulty: Meduim (or hard) Extra notes:I have made one but an admin said to add more detail so I listened to him :D. Photos:
  15. S


    Pay no attention to the post behind the screen.
  16. Miles_rattlewarrior

    Game idea: Capture The Flag(/wool)

    So being someone who likes to Pvp and stuff, I thought it would be a cool idea to have a Captrue the flag/wool gamemode on manacube. I know many people that have experience developing and making capture the flag maps and rotations and you can ask me more on discord(rattlew #8687) How to play...
  17. oEchoMC

    <><>RACING EVENT<><>

    Hello everyone! Yes, I changed my ign again, I was xEchoinq the other day lmao. I am going to be hosting a series of races tomorrow at 7:30pm (uk time) make sure to find your time to be able to attend tomorrows event. sorry it is short notice but ya knoww :)) the winner of the first race will...
  18. Noddinq69

    if you like minevast reply to this thread

    you just got pranked by the best @Noddinq69 #noddinq for president 2020 #give noddinq helper rank #eye of the spider same
  19. M

    Accepted [Modern House] Medium | Hard

    Hi and welcome to my 1st Thread ! =) My name is miika94x3 Come visit ! :) /plot visit miika94x3 Difficulty : Medium Number or jumps : 38 You have been waiting for a while but.... Here's screenshots ! Thank you for taking time for my work ! Do not hesitate to give your opinion that it...
  20. SpookyUnicorn

    Hello im SpookyUnicorn_!

    Hello, im SpookyUnicorn_ :So here we go.. ---- I joined today and played on parkour and everyone was so friendly that i donated after 20 minutes of joining. I donated to vip and i love the perks ect. ---- More about me: Im a 12 year old girl called Tia. (hate my name!) I live in the uk, i have a...