1. D

    Practice Mode

    Hello, the practice mode is very old and the normal mode has more levels please update it. Thanks you for read this.
  2. H

    Rejected The Enderdragon (map by HChrocks)

    HChrocks The Enderdragon plot ID 55;69 Hard or expert 72 jumps with 3 checkpoints(sorry im standing in someone elses plot taking this.)(this is supposed to show that part is in the dark)
  3. E-54 Ganymede


    Oh hey, Imma give you some glitches that I've already explained, but the thing is the discord channel #issues is quite spammed and I hate repeating myself for long.. So let's restart and give you, this time, more details. Also at the end, i'll give some tips to EXP / Gain Mana faster (Noob...
  4. E-54 Ganymede

    Rejected Humanity Parkour

    Username : Pauloc99 Map name : NAH > Neos Against Humanity (Refer to the card game Cards Against Humanity) Theme : Neos / Ice / Ladders / Fence / more Neos /plot visit Pauloc99 #1 Difficulty : Insane Number of jumps : 100+ Jumps Amount of checkpoints : 11 Map Testers : FallOutBrandon /...
  5. Dacon


    | MAP CREATORS & RATINGS :mc_421-0: Maps now have a 5 star rating system, and will also show the creator of the map in the Parkour Log! After you complete a map, if you have not rated it yet, you will see this message in chat: The average rating for that course is shown on the log. After...
  6. xChicagoPD

    Rejected Sandy Beach

    PHMittens = Username Map name = Beachy Leach Photos of your Parkour The # of your Plot / or warp name to it = #2 Difficulty = Expert Number of jumps (Optional) = I'd say about 101
  7. JosePisco

    Rejected JosePisco : Corrupted Farm (Medium++ /plot JosePisco) & other infos on the plot at the begining

    Hello, i would like to submit a map i created to the parkour server. It contains various surroundings, jumps and there is a tiny maze in sewers. You can check it at my plot. The begining is at the bottome of the big dead tree with ruins. Map name would be "Corrupted farm" with a difficulty of...
  8. Sninito9

    Rejected Grass - Easy (Noob)

    -Sninito9 -Grass (Green if possible) -Plot coordinates (9270 71 -7588) first plot of Sninito9 (1#) -Easy (noob) -1 block jump 2 blocks jump 3 block jump (normal and diagonal) ladder jump
  9. Ivan91011

    Suggestion: Add parkour stats rewards, challenge stat, and stat highlights

    I believe they should add stat awards such as completing this amount of maps gives you a cosmetic or title, or a certain amount of jumps gives you a aura, stuff like that. I think adding the amount of different challenge maps completed should be added as a stat that comes up when you hover over...
  10. Kaaspannenkoek

    Rejected Dungeon Parkour map submission [Medium]

    Kaaspannenkoek Dungeon /warp dungeon Medium 61 Jumps, 3 Checkpoints
  11. NoBlatant

    Rejected Walls of Madness

    NoBlatant and Flue83 Walls of Madness 63;-17 Difficulty Insane Number of Jumps: ~175
  12. zubook02

    Rejected Ukelele Parkourse

    My map is an Easy difficulty as it is very short and simple to complete. Me(zubook02) and my friend (Tibbm) both buit the Ukelele parkourse together(she built the ukelele and i built the parkour). The warp the get there is /plot tp zubook02 3 Thank you for reading.(if you need to contact me my...
  13. ProfessorHomer

    Rejected Chicken stable easy

  14. Garryx_YT

    Rejected EarthGlobe - Easy

    Username/Builder: Garryx_YT Name of the Map: EarthGlobe Plot: /plot h Garryx_YT or /plot h -54;34 Difficulty: Easy Number of jumps: 38 Screenshot 1 (From the outside): Screenshot 2 (From the inside): Yea, I have been like 20 or 25 minutes doing the lands, and 10 minutes doing the internal...
  15. Aloro

    Finished Parkour Tournament!

    Parkour Tournament! Saturday 2nd March 2pm EST || 7pm GMT Not your timezone? Click here! This Saturday staff are hosting the first Parkour Tournament of the year! Parkour your way through the maps faster than everybody else and moves on to the next stages. Each stage will be a harder difficulty...
  16. Pewdular

    Rejected Glaciers - Easy/Medium

    Creator : pewdular Map Name : Glaciers Plot Number : 12;61 Difficulty : Easy/Medium (Hard if you count jumps) Jumps : Around 65-74
  17. G

    Rejected Ancient Pillars: Easy 20-30 jumps

    Ancient pillars is based on a ancient flying city that was lost to the void, escape this by avoiding all mossy obstacles while the beneath is gripping to your warn out feet. map difficulty: EASY (Short) Made by: G_stringNut
  18. Dacon

    Parkour Update

    Community Droppers :mc_154-0: Community Droppers is a new dropper category released that will contain all accepted dropper submissions by the community. Difficulty ranges from easy to expert depending on the course. You can submit a dropper map here...
  19. duarbru1

    Rejected Enderness / Hard

    Builder: duarbru1 Map Name: Enderness ID: 46:58 /plot v duarbru1 Difficulty: Hard Number of jumps: 77
  20. IcedJack

    Rejected Maneki-Neko Map Submission

    Username: TheExodus_ Map Name: Maneki-Neko Helper: Savagebich Difficulty: Easy Plot ID: 54;-12 Jumps: 39 Checkpoints: 3