Rejected Wall of Flesh- Medium

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Sep 6, 2017
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Hoi WambatMagic and ItsRainingMen101,
I'm gonna put your map in reviewing for the following reason :
-I found your map pretty messy, because of some floating jumps around, but also because of invisible blocks and the high quantity of item frames on them, try to lower the amount of invisible blocks to avoid this problem.
-Your map is too hard for a medium (Seriously a double neo ?), please try to nerf the parkour.

The rest is pretty good, the theme is original, the build is, odd but decent (But messy like I said above), and the parkour is varied (But too hard)

I will judge the map again soon, if nothing as been made before the end of the month, the map will be rejected, you can also tell me when everything is patched.
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Hoi again,
Sorry to tell you that your map have been rejected.
The map got nerfed a bit, but it's still a bit hard, and it's still really messy, try to lower the amount of floating jumps (and maybe the amount of invisible blocks).
Feel free to resubmit your map when you want, but please patch what I told you.

Thanks for submitting your map, would be really good to see more maps from you !
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