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Updates & Improvements by Dacon

Parkour QOL Updates

Parkour Log Update

Maps you have completed in challenge mode will now glow in your parkour log

ManaHide Plugin

You can now properly hide all players on the server, but you can also do a lot more!

You can have specific players shown, while everyone else is hidden. Or even have everyone shown and only hide specific players



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May 2018 by Dacon

Top Voters

  • Vixinna (156 Votes) - 20 Cubits
  • Green_Arrowz (153 Votes) - 20 Cubits
  • SinnerStar (152 Votes) - 20 Cubits
  • AmiBear (152 Votes) - 20 Cubits
  • jerome188 (151 Votes) - 20 Cubit

You can view June's vote leaderboard at

Staff Promotions


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Spring Bundles by Dacon

New Spring bundles have been added to the store
These bundles will only be available for a limited time

- You will not receive duplicate rewards in one bundle
- If you open multiple bundles, you will not receive duplicate perks that you have already unlocked

Starting now there will be a limited time 75% Flash Sale, which will last for a short time.