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    Hello. Unfortunately that's completely just luck to blame. I've seen someone buy 25 keys and win 3 diamond pieces before. Good luck with any future openings and if you start getting nothing after 5-10 keys, I'd bank the remaining few and save them for another day!
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    When will dust work again?!?

    Hello. We are currently looking into this issue and will try to fix it as soon as possible. We ask for your patience. Sorry for any inconveniences.
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    Finished Knockout - Sumo

    Hello. Excited for this event! Hope to see all of you there!
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    Count to 10 before a player posts!

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    Updates, Bug fixes, SB Week #12, Sneak peeks

    Hello. Amazing work absolutely love the new updates, especially the new stats page! Excited to see what's coming and can't wait to start using the Mana Client.
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    Um.. hi xD

    Hello. Locking thread.
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    Hello minevasters

    Hello. No need to welcome someone from 5 years ago. Appreciate your intentions though. Locking thread.
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    How could I get banned

    Hello. Like stated above, if you feel you were wrongfully banned, feel free to make a ban appeal here: Please make sure to use the appropriate format provided and a member of the staff team will look at it as soon as possible. Thanks.
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    Reboot needed on skyblock, urgently.

    Hello. Next time feel free to type this into the #help section of the server discord or /helpop it in game. Posting a request for a reboot on the forums is not ideal since it is not being monitored by staff 24/7. If you would like a faster response next time, please use one of the methods I...
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    Add more cosmetics for kit pvp

    Hello. Although this is a fun and exciting idea, it is also not necessary. Having effects like these can also result in player’s lagging which detracts from the overall experience of pvp. Maybe this can be something added as an extra but would definitely not be something viewed as a priority.
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    NERF Donator Kits

    Hello. This is a common issue that a ton of people have brought up. I completely agree that having people with overpowered kits chase you down makes playing frustrating and unenjoyable. However, this is something that will most likely not be addressed until next season. Similar to many other...
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    Old timers??

    Hello. calvinw24 it has been a while.
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    why wont my mute appeal show up

    Hello. You should be able to see it through this link; If not, start a conversation on forums with me and we can talk there.
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    i got banned

    Locking thread since OP has an answer on how to appropriately appeal his punishment. No need for any further replies.
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    Kit pvp (question)

    Hello. This reply is based on my own thoughts/opinions. There will be no further major updates to KitPvP until the next season. This includes adding diamond armor to this season (9.0). As of now the only way to obtain diamond armor is through getting ancient keys and opening them at /warp...
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    why wont my mute appeal show up

    Hello. It has been moved to the archived folder under ban appeals. You should be able to find it there.
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    December 2018

    Woot! Thanks guys! Can't wait to see whats in store for ManaCube in 2019!
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    [KitPvP] Suggestions

    Hello. To address your point made in #1: I agree that this map was a little too big. There were many unused and unnecessary areas of the map that honestly just functioned as creating more lag when having to load in chunks. I will take note of this and try to ensure that next seasons map size...
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    Discord- Deluxes/Maddy#0489- Adversiting

    Hello. This is the incorrect section to be making this appeal. Please create your appeal here and follow the appropriate format. Thanks. Locking thread.
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    More kits

    Hello. This is a great idea however, KitPvP has already been out for a very long time. I don’t see anymore big updates coming until the release of the new season. However, as of now, there are still plently of kits available for you to grind for such as Revenge, Santa, Juggernaut, and Enderman...