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  1. AlfieJay

    Accepted Calamity Shrine / Easy Parkour

    Hey Shinx Another map ACCEPTED. Thanks :D P.S: Great theme ;D
  2. AlfieJay

    Accepted Reuniclus / Hard Parkour

    Hey Shinx Your map got ACCEPTED. Well done. No real points of criticism :D
  3. AlfieJay

    Accepted Jevil / Medium Parkour

    Hello Shinx I'm happy to tell you your map has been ACCEPTED. Well done on another great map :D
  4. AlfieJay


    IGN: AlfieJay PRIZE: Keys Thanks for hosting such a cool giveaway! Good luck to everyone :D
  5. AlfieJay

    Rejected Stoned {Easy}

    Hi AFKMe Unfortunately your map has been REJECTED. This is mainly because of the amount of floating parkour that's in your map. When building maps it's best to try to avoid loads of floating parkour as it just makes it boring to play. Also there was no main build that the parkour could be based...
  6. AlfieJay

    Who can get to 10 first? Staff or players?

    Imma pretend you wrote 1 and write 2
  7. AlfieJay

    Count to 25 before Purple4me (ChocBar) POST to annoy the crap out of me!

    TBH I thought you were gonna say that you were your favourite admin but that would mean that Dylan would be left out... Do you not favour yourself? xD 1
  8. AlfieJay

    Who can get to 10 first? Staff or players?

    So lots of people are jumping on the whole "Count to x before staff post" thing, so I decided that it would be fun to have a VS kind of thing, for all the staff that watch those threads all day and all night to crush dreams. There are two seperate counts, one staff and one player. The staff one...
  9. AlfieJay

    Rejected X Files / easy

    Hi AnnieoL Unfortunately your map has been REJECTED. As lots of people said above, floating parkour is frowned upon with new map submissions as it's kind of boring and not linked to the map. Also the build contains a lot of very flat structures and nothing really 3D which also doesn't make for...
  10. AlfieJay

    Rejected Blocks-Parkour map

    Hi FuriousPigGamer Unfortunately your map has been REJECTED. The theme is very unoriginal as there are many other maps themed around giant Minecraft blocks. The parkour was also very long and difficult for an easy. Thirdly there is no fall damage in the parkour world so a dropper wouldn't work...
  11. AlfieJay

    Finished Ice Breaker

    Ice Breaker - Ice Sculpting Saturday 26th January 2 PM EST // 7PM GMT Not your timezone? Click here! Join us for "Ice Breaker" where players will make sculptures from blocks of ice, but make sure to be careful as once you've destroyed a block of ice you can't put it back! The ice sculpture...
  12. AlfieJay

    Headhitter training plot

    Moved thread to appropriate location
  13. AlfieJay

    Count to 10 before a player posts!

    GOOD IDEA, all staff lemme message you a good time so we can all post at the same time and win >:D Also 1
  14. AlfieJay

    Count to 10 before a player posts!

    I’d like to announce the disappearance of IcedJack, it’s really tragic and all but he was really mean so oh well 1
  15. AlfieJay

    [Forum Game] Yes or No?

    10/10 question, but I’m going to answer with a maybe. Have you ever won anything in a raffle?
  16. AlfieJay

    Count to 10 before a player posts!

    I said 1 >:(
  17. AlfieJay

    Count to 50 before a staff posts!

    TBH honest it’s almost like Zak just watches this post intensely to ruin your fun, and I think that- Oh, oops xD Lemme restart: 0
  18. AlfieJay

    Count to 10 before a player posts!

    1 (if any non-staff post below this I will be very upset with them ;-; )
  19. AlfieJay

    Accepted Silo Races - Medium

    Hi Bunstop I'm happy to inform you that your map has been ACCEPTED! The parkour was varied and fun, whilst the theme was unique and the build was appealing. The only bit of criticism is that the design of the silo could have been improved upon, making it less artificial and more realist. Other...
  20. AlfieJay

    Rejected Life-Easy

    Hi EzGirlPvP Unfortunately you map submission has been REJECTED. The majority of the parkour is floating and detached which isn't good fun. The theme is also unoriginal as there are lots of floating island maps already. The parkour was also quite confusing and there's a part I still don't know...