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  1. Presidenten

    Accepted Whomp's Fortress - Expert

    Whomp's Fortress Expert 91 Jumps 6(+1) Checkpoints Made by Presidenten /plot v Presidenten 5
  2. Presidenten

    Accepted Casa Della Tires - Medium

    Casa Della Tires (from "Cars") Medium 37 Jumps 2 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten /plot v Presidenten 4
  3. Presidenten

    Accepted Pinball

    Hi, I will give your map a 0 right now as I think the map needs improvements. The theme is original (I had the same theme on my mind but was too lazy to build it) Build isn't the best, it's pretty flat and doesnt look like a pinball table tbh, you should add some more details and colors as real...
  4. Presidenten

    Accepted Clinic - Easy

    Clinic Easy 22 Jumps 2 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten /plot v Presidenten 2
  5. Presidenten

    Rejected Up-Easy/Medium

    There is exactly a map like this on donator courses so sadly I don't think it will be accepted, even though the build looks good and accurate
  6. Presidenten

    Accepted MonkeyBall - Insane

    Finally got motivation and a theme to make a new map o/ MonkeyBall Insane 91 Jumps 8 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten /plot v Presidenten 3 Reference (youtube video) Note that this map is harder than the average insane, but also got less jumps and many checkpoints.
  7. Presidenten

    completed maps disappeared?

    there was a rollback this week that rolled back to like 3 weeks ago so everyone lost progress, you may get it back if you got evidence (screenshot or video footage) and send it to shinxray
  8. Presidenten

    Accepted Jaws – Expert

    Jaws, Expert parkour 76 Jumps and 4 Checkpoints /plot h Presidenten 2
  9. Presidenten

    Rejected Floating Garden | Medium

    Hi! I just checked your map and want to give you an honest review on what I think about it. First up, the theme. As stated above, you've used a very common theme. There are many maps which use this garden/plants theme. Some examples are "TheGarden", "Plants" and "SpringFlowers". Your map is...
  10. Presidenten

    Accepted DeskWorker - Medium

    I'm sorry but I will give you a -1 on this map for several reasons. The theme, as stated above is pretty unoriginal, there are several maps with the same theme, for example "Desktop" and "ComputerDesk". Build isn't the best, I like simple builds but this is too simple, there isn't alot of...
  11. Presidenten

    Rejected Huge house

    Theme is unoriginal as there are many house maps, and especially "large rooms" maps Build is very simple, it doesnt really look like a house, just a floating box, as stated above you should have more detail to make it more like a house. Parkour is fine, jumps got some variety but it may be too...
  12. Presidenten

    Accepted Bödvar - Hard

    Bödvar (from Brawlhalla) Hard 56 Jumps 5 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten (Help from Taslekio) /plot v Presidenten 3
  13. Presidenten

    Rejected OOF - Expert

    ok made it less spherical even though its suppose to look silly lol
  14. Presidenten

    Rejected OOF - Expert

    i just made the best parkour ever!! "OOF" Expert 77 Jumps 6 Checkpoints /plot v Presidenten 2
  15. Presidenten

    Rejected The circle of life ● Easy

    It's a cute map with an unique theme. However, I don't like the parkour because most of it is floating which makes the map messy and it is way too hard and long for an easy, even too hard for medium. Maybe make some jumps easier so it fits medium difficulty. Good luck!
  16. Presidenten

    Rejected Globe - Medium

    didnt know there were so many earth maps, well hope the build and parkour makes up for it then lol
  17. Presidenten

    Rejected Globe - Medium

    Globe Medium 40 Jumps 5 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten /plot v Presidenten 4
  18. Presidenten

    Rejected GameBoy

    Original theme, even though we got some console maps already Build is accurate but I don't like the block choice, you should replace the stone with quartz, wool or clay. (it looks much better in your texture pack than it does with the normal one) Parkour is bad, it is a little too hard for...
  19. Presidenten

    Accepted Shaggy - Hard

    Shaggy (from scooby doo) Hard 71 Jumps 5 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten /plot v Presidenten 3
  20. Presidenten

    Accepted Laundry - Expert

    Laundry Expert 98 Jumps 7 Checkpoints Made by Presidenten /plot v Presidenten 2