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  1. AlfieJay

    What is your favorite fruit

    Oranges. Ever since I went back to school my breakfasts have just been oranges and for this I owe them thanks xD
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  3. AlfieJay

    Favorite Staff Member..?

    Wait, you already knew I wasn't actually gonna pay you but you still went through with it? xD
  4. AlfieJay

    Finished Knockout - Sumotori

    Knockout - Sumotori Saturday 7th September 2PM EST // 7PM GMT Not your timezone? Click here! Ever wanted to slap people with fish? Now's your lucky day because it's time for SUMOTORI! :D Good luck to all our Sumos!
  5. AlfieJay

    Favorite Staff Member..?

    My fav is AlfieJay, he's so amazing and cool an- hang on, this isn't my alt forums account O.o
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    Can we pls punished Requiem?

    Those who abused bugs were banned. Not all of Requiem were involved in the bug abuse so how about don't accuse the entire faction of being exploiters. If you genuinely believe that Dacon accepted bribes in exchange for not punishing people then I'm not sure you're old enough to be playing...
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    Favorite Color(s)

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    Manacube Meetup

    Yeah, might be a bit of a problem for young members of the community, people who can't afford to travel or people who don't want to meet without knowing the others. Maybe just stick to voice chatting (or organising voice chats by telling groups when you'll be calling or something). Would be fun...
  9. AlfieJay

    The Rhythm Bot has achieved a queue of 100 hours of sound

    Anyone else morbidly curious as to what "sound" some poor souls will spend just over 4 days listening to? xD
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    Rejected Chasing Pacman - Hard

    Hey DeathSlayer123 Unfortunately your map has been REJECTED. Most of the parkour is floating or attached to pixel art. We don't allowed maps to be solely pixel art and the only non-pixel art element to the build had no parkour. The floating parkour is bad because it makes the map boring. Thanks...
  11. AlfieJay

    Manacube Parkour Staff Tier List

    I see you have miss-spelt "amazingly" as "correctly." Might wanna revisit that one xD
  12. AlfieJay

    Finished Horse Racing

  13. AlfieJay

    Finished Horse Racing

    Summer Horse Racing Saturday 10th August 2pm EDT // 7pm BST Not your timezone? Click HERE! Join us for horse racing on a brand new, never seen before, summer themed race course Enough FOALing around, come down and race :D
  14. AlfieJay

    Daily Reminders:

    Morning zumba. One's morning is incomplete without one's morning zumba xD You actually reminded me, thank you xD
  15. AlfieJay

    Crazy Dreams

    I remember I was being chased for some reason and I asked them to stop for a moment so I could try to wake up and they did. Dunno why I remember it but it was a quality dream xD
  16. AlfieJay

    If you had one wish what would you wish for?

    Probably to make all water not only drinkable but also to contain all the nutrients you'll need for the day. This way even dirty or ocean water would be drinkable and healthy so more of the worlds population could live healthier lives :D
  17. AlfieJay

    Perhaps a thread for new Saturday events for the server???

    First I wanna say how cool this thread is. I've been struggling to think of ideas for events so player ideas are really cool. I'm gonna watch this tab and try to read every suggestion that gets sent this way :D Imma go through my thoughts of each suggestions coming from an event-running stand...
  18. AlfieJay

    How did you find ManaCube?

    So my previous server was in the process of dying (quality and popularity) and I had kinda developed a liking for parkour so I searched up big parkour servers online. The first server was some big ass server that had this tiny bit of parkour but still advertised itself as a parkour server...
  19. AlfieJay

    Factions Thoughts

    Super excited, although my pvp skills are not to be admired and my primary game plan is to lay low and ally the strongest xD
  20. AlfieJay

    Counting - Staff VS Community

    58 :p