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    Books and Quills are able to use chunk duplication for items, and I do not know about gold nuggets
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    Heya :D
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    Hey Yall

    I've tried hopping on kitPVP and sometimes theres like only one person on!
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    Hey Yall

    Haha maybe I will, I joined when Olympus reset and it was pretty hectic. All it is, is mining?? LOL
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    Giveaway winners!

    GG congrats everyone, thanks for hosting :))
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    Reset Kitpvp - Suggestions Link.

    Yes please, everytime i go on there it theres like 2 people on
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    Percentages in Crates

    Thank you so much, I did not know that. I will look at those
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    how to get ores

    Once you upgrade your cobble generator, you can look online on how to create a mass one to increase the effectiveness. A link to a youtube video on how to create one
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    Percentages in Crates

    Helloo! I'm unsure how many people(if they) have posted about this. But I suggest putting in percentages for winnable items in the crates. I know that the lucky chest has common, rare, uncommon rates as well as the boss crates. However the ancient, perk, legendary, and vote chests do not have...
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    Count to 50 before a staff posts!

    3 LOL
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    big head

    big head
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    ManaCube App

    Creating an app will be really difficult and time consuming also that it will cost a decent amount of money to maintain and hire somebody who is able to make one. However you can always use your mobile internet web browser just like what Hallowqueen said. Minechat was also created a long time...
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    Counting to a million ;)

    84 baby
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    Favorite Band?

    I'm more of an artist type of person, however I really like (this may seem lame) Fifth Harmony before they broke up.
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    Hello! I had a suggestion for scrambler on the Islands server. I don't know if the other servers have scrambler because I haven't been on any for a decent enough time. I would suggest that you could see how many times you won scrambler by using a command. I know that /scrambler shows the top 10...