1. milkified

    Gift from the Gods Challenge!

    So this is what I've been doing for some time now and it seems like a pretty fun thing to do - every time you receive a <Gift from the Gods x1>, announce it in chat! Be as creative as you wish to be, I love good memes!
  2. SirForce_

    The update that killed us all

    Ok so I woke up today and it has been bad: People just don't wanna play on Olympus anymore "Why ?" Yesterday (well today or idc, it's time zones so for me it was yesterday), our beloved (no) Owner xDacon fixed things on Manacube, adding useless titles & auras (Victor & Ancient Aura) and...
  3. SpecificOcean_

    The new slayer mechanics are too tedious.

    The slayer mechanic is so busted and tedious. It just wastes time for anyone trying to get a few spawners. It doesn't feel prestigious like ascending because you have to work your way up by just killing the mobs you just killed over and over again as a waste of time. I don't feel the need to...
  4. Worrey

    Help? cx

    So... I have played for 2-3days, and I'm now Titan. However, I don't earn much money from my plot(s) yet. Should I finish my cacti farm so I earn a decent amount of money, before doing a rebirth, or should I just rebirth whenever I can? I don't know anything about the rebirth things, so I don't...
  5. Hallowqueen

    Quick Guide to Tempfly and The Kilton GUI!

    What is Tempfly? “Tempfly” is pretty self explanatory as to what it is, but if you’re unsure it means you get temporary access to the /tempfly command. Players with the MVP+ donor rank are able to use /fly permanently and everywhere on the server, besides the Hades volcano (PvP mine). Before...
  6. Rosie3k9

    Spleef tournament for sellwand

    Hey everyone i would just like to invite people to a spleef tournament which will be held on the last day before the reset i have built a spleef arena on my plot where i would love to get a heap of people to join in an just have a fun last day before season 2 starts the winner of the tournament...
  7. rtheta

    [POLL]: Is it unfair that sell-wands & infinity chests can't go into /resetvault? [VOTE]

    How do you feel about this? Please share your opinions by voting using the link below! [Maximum 1 Vote per day.] https://vote.pollcode.com/36983627 In addition to voting, please feel free to leave your opinions below :)
  8. Dacon

    Olympus S2 - New list of reset vault items

    New list of allowed items in the reset vault: Rank Upgrade Paper Sell Wands Legendary Keys Perk Keys 5 Year Anniversary Clock Daffodil Santa Armor Dragonstone Armor Ice Pickaxe Chocolate Pickaxe Candy Crown Cupid's Bow Blooming Helmet Sunshine Shovel Any item with "✔ Season Vault Access" on it...
  9. M

    Trying to get VIP using XSolla

    Hello, I tried to use a GameStop gift-card to get the VIP rank. I did everything I needed too but I don't have the rank. I went to GameStop and they scanned the bar-code and we left. I come back onto Manacube to check but I wasn't sure what to do next so now I'm stumped. What do I do? From...
  10. Dacon


    Olympus Season 2 will be released March 9th, at 1:00PM EST! Below is the new major features in this update. Make sure to read the whole thread to learn about the reset vault & final week challenge | HADES VOLCANO :mc_213-0: A pathway to Hade's Volcano has been opened behind Spawn. Inside...
  11. Hallowqueen

    A Guide to Plots on Olympus

    With new players joining daily, I've noticed the same questions come up about plots, and I'd like to create a thread to possibly explain them in deeper detail than the Minecraft chat allows. I don't mind answering any questions that players have, and generally it's easy to explain, however I'd...
  12. sil

    What's going on what and what is coming to Olympus.

    Hello gamers. We all saw Dakota's Updates, Bug fixes, SB Week #12, Sneak peeks post. I wanted to just make a post for our Olympus community First, we have This means we're now going to get WORLD EDIT. If it's anything similar like skyblocks's world edit. We just need to have the blocks we...
  13. EmperorBonaparte

    A Complete Olympus Enchantment Guide [PART 2]

    An Encyclopedic Guide to Custom Enchants on Olympus - The Sequel Please like this post as it took a long time to write! Manacube Custom Enchantments [/SPOILER] Manacube Unobtainable Enchantments That completes my complete guide to enchanting items on Olympus! Please...
  14. EmperorBonaparte

    A Complete Olympus Enchantment Guide [PART 1]

    An Encyclopedic Guide to Custom Enchants on Olympus Please like this post as it took a long time to write! Normal Minecraft Enchantments Normal Manacube Enchantments Unfortunately, due to the 25000 character limit to forum posts, I must split this into parts. Click here to check out...
  15. Esperosa

    What is a finished "God Set"

    So you wanna pvp on Olympus huh? Well listen to my guide and i'll tell you where to start! So for the most part your enchants will all go on a chest-plate. Now if you REALLY WANT TO you can split them up between the 4 pieces of armour. So for this God-Set we will start from the top and work our...
  16. Hallowqueen

    Spawners at Grand Exchange & Achievements

    Hello, I've noticed recently that the villager, ocelot and wolf spawners at /Warp Grand Exchange are broken. This affects the achievements greatly, as players need to complete all of the challenges in order to complete the Zeus rebirth. I'm not sure if this has been reported to staff yet or not...
  17. M

    Prestige Upgrades

    I had a quick idea about how to actually implement prestiges to have more than just simple commands, and cosmetics. Per rebirth you do, it could open up a new pickaxe upgrade that you can apply. Now, you might say: But Demeter, Hades and Zeus rebirth actually do something, and I agree, it's just...
  18. ZaLeonYT

    Too Much Lag On Olympus Prison

    WE CANT PLAY PRISON ANYMORE! Hello , Im ZaLeonYT And I Would Like To request xDacon To Come On the server and , if possibile , resolve the lag. Or Make A RAM upgrade to the server Because Soon we will all QUIT!
  19. M

    Mining filter on olympus

    So basically, there could be an enchant called filter, which you can assign one block to not be put into your inventory when you mine it. It's use wouldn't be very practical, unless you have a god pickaxe with no autosell. As such, you can add Filter several times like: Filter - gold_ore and...