1. Dacon


    The Mystery Chest is an exclusive treasure chest promotion for when we hit big milestones. Inside you can win a bunch of mystery themed loot, as well as ANY of the past treasure chests in 2019! What milestones did we hit? - 20,000+ Discord Members - 100,000+ Monthly Active Players - New...
  2. Dacon

    Parkour Update

    Community Droppers :mc_154-0: Community Droppers is a new dropper category released that will contain all accepted dropper submissions by the community. Difficulty ranges from easy to expert depending on the course. You can submit a dropper map here...
  3. Dacon

    Christmas Update

    | Christmas Spawns & Elf Hunt :mc_332-0: The whole network has received a Christmas make-over by the Build Team! Hub Olympus Spawn Olympus Plot Spawn Creative Spawn KitPvP Spawn Survival Spawn Parkour Spawn Parkour Map Maker Spawn Parkour Lounge Skyblock Spawn Islands Spawn Go check em out...
  4. CutePuppy871

    Purchase out-of-town

    Hello, my IGN is CutePuppy871 and I want to make a purchase on the store; it’s worldedit. But there is one slight problem, i am currently away from my home (like 4 hours away) and I want to know if the purchase will still go through; or if I should wait until I go back home.
  5. Dacon


    Ghost Hunting Hidden around all the spawns are ghost heads. If you can find them all you will unlock the GhostHunter title! Spooky Spawns All of our spawns have received a spooky makeover to go with the Ghost Hunting event. These spawns will be here until November 4th Halloween...
  6. Dacon

    Spring Bundles

    New Spring bundles have been added to the store ` These bundles will only be available for a limited time - You will not receive duplicate rewards in one bundle - If you open multiple bundles, you will not receive duplicate perks that you have already...
  7. Dacon

    Lucky Update

  8. netstu666

    Sell/Buy Pricing in Shop & Other Stuff

    I'm not sure if anyone other than Dakota can take care of this, but possibly someone of high level in rank in staff can take care of this as well. Also, I'm not sure if anyone is aware of this as it's been a problem for a while and I didn't see any recent activity talked about it on the forums...
  9. Dacon

    Love Chest & Bundles | Updates | Top Voters / Stats

    LOVE TREASURE CHEST Love treasure chest has been released on Skyblock, Survival and Islands The love chest will be here from January 31st - February 28th This chest is quite good, there's no cosmetics/admin items/collectibles as those are all in the Love Bundles. Which leaves the treasure...
  10. Dacon


    MANACADE - 16+ GUI based arcade games [BETA] ManaCade is a bunch of inventory/GUI based minigames that you will be able to play and compete in global highscores from anywhere on the server. For now, it will only be available in the Hubs during the beta. Type /arcade or /manacade to access...
  11. Dacon

    Monthly Crates + Cubit Revamp + Parkour Update

    Monthly Crates This year we will be releasing monthly crates which can only be purchased during that month. These crates are contain a bunch of rewards, such as gear, perks, black market items, admin items & more. When you open a crate, you receive all of the rewards. There are also bonus...
  12. Dacon

    Skyblock Kingdoms & Christmas Bundle

    SKYBLOCK /KINGDOM REVAMP I've removed the Iron & Gold Kingdom, and have added Wheat, Coal, Lapis, Redstone & Obsidian Kingdoms If you have unlocked perks for Gold/Iron Kingdoms, they have been converted to Redstone & Lapis perks. Instead of the old Level 1 - Level 2 upgrade system, you...
  13. Dacon


    CLICK HERE TO BUY Click a FLINT to access the GUI menu /gb info /gb toggle /gb undo [number] -> //undo /gb size [number] /gb intensity [number] /gb brush [FileName] [/spoiler] Access to 255x255 Plot world Access to 32 Plots Access to 45 Sethomes Ability to...
  14. Dacon


    Black Friday sales are here until November 26th! Save an amazing 80% off everything on our store! This is the best sale of the year CHECK OUT THE DEALS STORE.MANACUBE.COM
  15. Dacon


    Ancient Keys are now available on Parkour! Punch the Ancient Chest at /warp treasure to preview rewards
  16. Dacon

    Store Update Pt #2

    THANKSGIVING SALE Save 70% off all packages from now until thanksgiving weekend! NEW RANK PERKS Our store was showing outdated information for ranks. Rank descriptions are now updated, and we've also added some new perks to all 3 ranks Click Title to view full...
  17. Dacon

    Webstore Revamp

    We have launched our new webstore! If you find any bugs, please let us know New Payment Methods Soon In the next coming weeks, we will begin supporting new payment methods Some of the new upcoming methods will be: - Subway & Other Giftcards - Steam - Bitcoin - Amazon Pay - PaySafeCard -...
  18. Dacon

    2017 Halloween Update

    New Halloween themed maps and spawns have been released on every gamemode! 6 Halloween bundles for every gamemode has been released on our webstore A 75% Halloween sale will be up for all of October as well! See the new halloween bundles @
  19. Dacon

    End Of Summer Sale

    Store Link: Sale ends September 4th
  20. Dacon

    Store Unbans

    Tonight I've added a new package to the store; Account Unban Unbans can only be purchased once per account. This should be for players who are serious about wanting to play again by the rules, and be able to use this chance to come back.